BlackBerry QuickKeys and Shortcuts

Every Day Quick Tips Alt+O = Outbox (sent items) Alt+I = Inbox (received items) Alt+U = Marks messages as read/unread Alt+P = Phone call log Alt+S = SMS messages Alt+V = Voicemail messages Alt+M = MMS messages. U – to cycle through unread messages Once inside the message and you need to: Reply, r. Forward, […]

How to repair a VMWare Virtual Disk on OSX

If your having an issue with your virtual disk it is worth trying the following: Open a Terminal window /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/vmware-vdiskmanager -R /Users/(USERNAME_HERE or Directory where VM installed)/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows Vista.vmwarevm/Windows Vista.vmdk If this fails with a message like ‘FILE: FileIO_Lock on ‘/Users/Shared/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows Vista.vmwarevm/Windows Vista.vmdk’ failed: Lock timed out’ then: cd /Users/(USERNAME_HERE or Directory […]

HTC Touch Pro2 – The Bad Points

Thought I’d highlight the bad points of an otherwise excellent device. no D-Pad Serious lack of buttons you can’t customise the buttons Web browsing isn’t as good as IPhone No voice dialing software bundled. The HTC Touch Flo interface is really nice, but gets in the way of my email. The memory card is located […]

Link Baiting

What does that mean? Link baiting (or linkbaiting) is a buzz word in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world and has come to be the preferred method of natural link building. And in English? You need to create Linkbait. Essentially it is a piece of content placed on a web page – whether it’s an […]

Mino HD Review

I got my Flip Mino HD at the end of March and have been playing with it for a little over a month. I recently took it on holiday and found it a perfect extension to my SLR when I did not have the video camera around; I found it a real moment device, as […]

Cookie Sniffing and Trading

What does that mean? There are networks of  companies  who create cookies on your machine and use these to track  your behaviour  across multiple websites.                         And in English? You will see ad  based content on one site based on  your activity on another and you won’t even  know it  happened.                         Who invented   it? […]