Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

Since I downloaded SuperDrive Update 2.1, whenever I restart my Mac, it still launches, telling me there are no devices requiring the firmware update. I know this, because I already updated it!

What the SuperDrive update doesn’t let me know is how to stop it from opening each time I restart my Mac.

Removing SuperDrive Update 2.1 from a Mac’s startup sequence is easy:

  1. Go to Apple > System Preferences…
  2. Under the System header, click the “Accounts” option
  3. Select the “Login Items” tab
  4. Select the SuperDrive Update 2.1 Application (so it is highlighted-not the textbox-just click on the name of the application so it is highlighted)
  5. Click the ” – ” button to delete the application from your startup sequence
  6. Close the Accounts window

original post can be found here Super Drive Not So Super

One thought on “Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

  1. thanks so much for this tip, i ve been looking for this on the net for months, wicked!!!!!

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