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Mark has worked in a number of IT departments and consultancies creating both internal and external applications such as billing systems, road weather warning systems, data warehousing solutions and highly searchable document repositories. Mark has worked on many projects, including Boots e-commerce and optician systems, Telewest Blueyonder for Business, St Gobain (Jewson, Graham, platform building materials), Disney, Mercedes-Benz dealer network, AirMiles, Mazda, Rolls-Royce, Channel4 ,Royal Mail, Sky Travel,Forevermark, QFinance (for Bloomsbury) and Deutsche Bank.[!popeye] Mark holds a 1st class Bachelor of Science (majoring in Computing Science and Artificial intelligence), a Master of Science (majoring in Human Computer Interaction), and is also a CITP. Mark is the lead on an open-sourced java-based content management system called Incendiary Blue (which he co-created). It is currently used by Sky Travel, Disney and Essent Trading; and previous clients include Daimler-Chrysler and St Gobain.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Mark,

    Great blog (following you on twitter too).

    Just wanted to let you know about Ecom…is there a personal email I can catch you on?



  2. Would like to hear from ALIF surgery people. I just had the surgery 3 months ago.

  3. I can SO relate to the pain you are in!! The L5, S1 is where I broke my back 2 years ago. It was hard to walk, stand, sit and all the above. Who is your dotocr? (email me) Where will your surgery be? I will be praying for you as I know these types of things are not good. Incase you don’t have my email address…jenbrandes@frontiernet.net

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