QCon day 3 – Google Data API

The google data API talk concentrated on decisions behind the selection of REST over SOAP; basically RESTs four operations get,put, post and delete are likely to cover 90% of your needs. Also the extensions they have developed around query, authentication, concurrent operations and batch updates. These concepts were tied in nicely to examples of use […]

Google Android

Withe the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance Google entered the mobile phone market. not with a phone as many had expected, but with an open source mobile operating system called Android. Android was purchased by Google back in 2005 and has been augmented to form a complete software stack for mobile devices such as […]

Google and Open Social

The success of Facebook looks to have ruffled a few feathers at Google and they have recently launch OpenSocial. this is a set of three common APIs, that will allow developers to access core functions and information from a social network: Profile Information (user data) Friends Information (social graph) Activities (things that happen, News Feed […]