Google and Open Social

The success of Facebook looks to have ruffled a few feathers at Google and they have recently launch OpenSocial. this is a set of three common APIs, that will allow developers to access core functions and information from a social network: Profile Information (user data) Friends Information (social graph) Activities (things that happen, News Feed […]

Google Mapplets

Google Mapplets are mini-applications that you can embed within the Google Maps site. Examples include real estate search, current weather conditions, and distance measurement. Mapplets are Google Gadgets that can manipulate the map using Javascript calls that are derived from the Google Maps API

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes enables users to aggregate existing data to create and share a data feed using a visual drag and drop interface. Its a great idea and when you’ve used it you may wonder why nobody has done it before.In fact they have, but just not on the web and in such a visual and […]

Describing web 2.0

to paraphrase former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who wrote that he couldn’t describe pornography but knew it when he saw it, it may not be possible to fully describe Web 2.0, but you will know it when you see it. see Web 2.0 and New Approaches to Software for full article.

web 2.0 – a view from May 2006

I wrote this in May whilst attending Java One in san francisco. I should have posted it then, its interesting to see i was not to far out with my thoughts. Hurrah for web 2.0. At last we have a flag we can follow to the next level of experience across the web. It is […]