Cloud Data Persistence

is this a renaissance for the database? today we have new problems and new challenges, but the computing power we now have provides alternatives.  This in turn is changing the approaches that are being taken. the following provides examples of the alternatives in the cloud database area. Physical limitations and computation complexity are driving implementations […]

Deploy Java EE to Amazon EC2

Cloud Tools is a set of tools for deploying, managing and testing Java EE applications on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). There are three main parts to Cloud Tools Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are configured to run Tomcat and work with EC2Deploy. EC2Deploy – the core framework. This framework manages EC2 instances, configures MySQL, […]

Cloud Computing – Why is it so good for business?

From a financial perspective, Cloud Computing pushes risks onto the people that own the assets.  The business in effect rent a particular set of assets, based on their usage. For the business this  transforms IT capex into opex. From a development perspective, Cloud Computing  enables you to potentially roll out your solution in minutes or […]

Amazon CloudFront – Replacing the content database

Amazon launch of Cloudfront, a tightly integrated content delivery service built over their S3 offering promises content delivery routed to the nearest edge location, giving optimal performance to the content user. This extension to S3 should get the content management system (CMS) providers and companies such as Akamai thinking. The service will allow the database […]

QCon – One week on

Ive been back in the office for 1 week, so how has QCon helped. Conversation around cloud computing has been a big hit. I got some good contacts and these have lead to investigation on using the Elastic computing and S3 services from amazon for one of our clients. Thoughts from ‘ The Zen of […]

QCon day 3 – Amazon web services

I already use Jungle Disk which is the amazon S3 (simple storage service). But this talk went through the entire set of services, giving enough insight into each to provoke thought, as to potential uses. Of great interest to me was the Elastic compute cloud, allowing for fast scalability and setup, with a time, bandwidth […]