Cloud Data Persistence

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is this a renaissance for the database? today we have new problems and new challenges, but the computing power we now have provides alternatives.  This in turn is changing the approaches that are bei... Read More

QCon day 3 – yahoo pipes

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I posted about pipes about a year ago and it has since increased its modules from 20 to 50 and makes up 1/3 of all mash-up calls to Google. I really need to play with it some more, it really is very c... Read More

Google Android

Withe the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance Google entered the mobile phone market. not with a phone as many had expected, but with an open source mobile operating system called Android. Andro... Read More

Google and Open Social

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The success of Facebook looks to have ruffled a few feathers at Google and they have recently launch OpenSocial. this is a set of three common APIs, that will allow developers to access core functions... Read More

Google Mapplets

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Google Mapplets are mini-applications that you can embed within the Google Maps site. Examples include real estate search, current weather conditions, and distance measurement. Mapplets are Google Gad... Read More