Cookie Sniffing and Trading

What does that mean? There are networks of  companies  who create cookies on your machine and use these to track  your behaviour  across multiple websites.                         And in English? You will see ad  based content on one site based on  your activity on another and you won’t even  know it  happened.                         Who invented   it? […]

World of Goo – Game review

This has to be my favourite game on the the Wii and i got it from  WiiWare.  It’s produced by a small team and is proof that you do not need millions  to create a compelling game. There are more than four worlds, each housing  unique stages and varying objectives around using the  strengths and […]

A post about Joel on Software

I have had this book for many years and often use it for referance, but over the last week i read it from cover to cover (again). It really is a great book, with good insight for software professional. The posts printed within are mainly from 2000-2002, but none the less the messages and thoughts […]

Describing web 2.0

to paraphrase former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who wrote that he couldn’t describe pornography but knew it when he saw it, it may not be possible to fully describe Web 2.0, but you will know it when you see it. see Web 2.0 and New Approaches to Software for full article.

A day at heathrow

On Wednesday i arrived at Heathrow for my 11am flight to Amsterdam only to find it had been delayed by an hour; not noticing the other flights, i thought nothing of it. However, once i had gone though security the shear number of people told the true story. The flight was then delayed till 3pm, […]

Aborted Landing at Innsbruk Airport

oh what fun, i am not the greatest fan of flying, so an aborted landing was not the most pleasant experiance in the past week. We were only about 200 feet off the ground when the pilot decided to go to full power and point his plane at the sky (there are a number of […]

What do you want for Christmas

I asked my 2 year old, the reply, two backpacks, one red. If only everything were so simple. Of course she managed to get multiple bags and backpacks; to be honest she could start a shop. Now we have the daily movement of items from one bag to another, which seems much like my day […]