Sky Travel Website

Back at the start of the year my team  launched the  Sky Travel site .  Since then it has changed  a lot and has a number of roll-outs planned to the end of the year.  Its got a great design and  some excellent  JavaScript work using JQuery.  Well worth a look if your planning a […]

Site Launch Mazda BT-50

My team have just launched a site to show off the new Mazda BT-50 . Its written in .Net 3.5 feeding in XML content from an EPiServer CMS into a Flash front end and integrated into a Sieble Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Its rolling out over a number of European countries.


I’m very proud as  syzygy was awarded the EPiServer Award for Best Partner UK 2008.This prestigious accolade adds to our already expert status in Content Management Systems  having created sites for Setanta, Wyeth and Mazda and we are working on a new site for an exceptionally high profile luxe brand. EPiServer is a leading Content […]

Mazda 5 site launch

My Team, recently launched a site to show off the new Mazda5 . It’s built on the EPiServer platform and written in .Net 3.5 with a flash,HTML interface (with some nice simple javascript).  I like this site, as it has great integration between CMS and flash.  The editors edit in the HTML version and it […]

Mazda select EPiServer as a CMS platform

After creating two major sites for the Mazda 6 and Mazda 2, Mazda made the commitment to purchase the EPiServer Enterprise license. This will now be used for most of the sites we create and  in-line with this EPiServer  circulated a press release, (which had a comment form me in it) so i made a […]

Sky Travel Site Launched

I am happy to announce that my team have just launched the new Sky Travel site . It is a complete re-development form the ground up and integrates with multiple providers to provide a breath of product offerings.  It has been built using open source Java technology (Tomcat, Mysql, Apache) and uses the Spring and […]

Project Launch – Mazda 6 pre-launch site

My team have just launched the new Mazda 6 pre-launch site.  Its written in .Net 2.0, using Episerver as a CMS to create an HTML site feeding into a Flash component.  It’s integrated into a Sieble Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  It is rolling out across 21 countries and will be enchanced in the coming months […]

Project Launch – Mazda 2

My team have just launched a site to show off the new Mazda2 . Its written in .Net 2.0 feeding in XML content to a Flash video and integrated into a Sieble Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system across 21 countries.

Project Launch – Mazda CX-7

My team have just launched site to advertise the new Mazda CX-7 . Its written in .Net and has an Dynamic interface utilizing Ajax techniques. Its currently deployed in English and German, new languages will be added in the coming weeks.