ASUS Eee PC 900 BF001 Netbook, Linux Preloaded, 1GB RAM

I recently got this netbook as a replacement for my Nokia N810; the new version of the Nokia comes out next year, so i wanted to get the best price for it now.

I’ve had the Eee for a week now and must say that i’ve found it to be better than expected. It’s main use has been to browse the web (firefox), view pictures with (Picasa) and write some short paragraphs (Google Docs/Star Office). It does each of these admirably. When looking at this low price range, i also viewed the Acer Aspire One A150L. It’s small form was great, but the trackpad, with its side buttons was a little annoying, so i went with the Eee. At £195, it’s worth every penny and in 6 months you won’t feel bad buying the latest, lightest model.


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