iLife 09, IPhoto Review

ilife I have had iLife 09 for 5 days.  I’ve been using IPhoto and the new features are well integrated and the faces technology is very impressive.  I started testing by uploading to  flickr, facebook and the mobileme gallery, all worked first time and the process was (as you would expect) very simple.   I had downloaded the 3rd party add-ons to Aperture, which do the same processes, but these were just not as slick.  I then wanted to test faces, but needed to leave my computer on overnight to process my pictures (12,000).  You then just select a picture and name a person.  Even without any learning the faces algorithm does a great job, but its real power comes when you train it a little; it displays a selection of faces, that it thinks match and you just click to say correct or incorrect.  Once i had it trained it displays 100’s of photos it thinks the face is in and on the whole it is correct.  Its a great way to see your pictures, but, also makes you feel a bit old when you pictures go back years.  I’m sure an aging timeline could be easily integrated.

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