BlackBerry QuickKeys and Shortcuts

blackberry-frontEvery Day Quick Tips

  • Alt+O = Outbox (sent items)
  • Alt+I = Inbox (received items)
  • Alt+U = Marks messages as read/unread
  • Alt+P = Phone call log
  • Alt+S = SMS messages
  • Alt+V = Voicemail messages
  • Alt+M = MMS messages.
  • U – to cycle through unread messages

Once inside the message and you need to:

  • Reply, r.
  • Forward, f.
  • Reply to All, L
  • Go to the next message based on receive date, n
  • Go to previous message based on receive date, p.
  • Go to top of message (or the Inbox), t (or b for bottom).
  • File a message, I.
  • See a sender’s email address, highlight the name, q.
  • Go to the nearest unread message, u.
  • Select text by holding down the NUM (or Shift) key and
    scroll (this works with email, calendar, contacts, tasks).
  • Insert the current date, type l (an L) d, SPACE key.
  • Insert the current time, type l (an L) t, SPACE key.
  • Type accented letter, type the letter, scroll trackball left or right
  • Type numbers in a paragraph, hold down ALT and type.
    Or to turn on NUM LOCK: ALT, NUM, type. To turn off, NUM.
  • Add an apostrophe in a word such as didn’t, type didnt and AutoText corrects it.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste: select text by holding down NUM and using the trackball to scroll across the text. To cut, ALT+DEL. To copy, ALT+click trackball. To paste, NUM+click trackball.

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