Cloud Data Persistence

is this a renaissance for the database? today we have new problems and new challenges, but the computing power we now have provides alternatives.  This in turn is changing the approaches that are being taken. the following provides examples of the alternatives in the cloud database area. Physical limitations and computation complexity are driving implementations […]

Amazon CloudFront – Replacing the content database

Amazon launch of Cloudfront, a tightly integrated content delivery service built over their S3 offering promises content delivery routed to the nearest edge location, giving optimal performance to the content user. This extension to S3 should get the content management system (CMS) providers and companies such as Akamai thinking. The service will allow the database […]

Solio – solar charger

It took me 2 days to figure out that it will not work when inside the rear window of the car. But, once i had it in direct sunlight the little red LED came on and i was filled with happiness. After a day in the sun i managed to get it to flash twice […]

QCon day 5 – The BBC, DRM and video

It was interesting to hear about the problems the BBC has in identifying the location of requests in order to both serve advertisements and apply DRM. We tend to forget that the BBC gets a near set amount of money with which to work, so spending money serving content outside the UK for nothing would […]

QCon day 5 – how is ebay architected

Its been interesting to listen to speakers, each of which portraits the strategies and principles and this time was the turn of Randy Shoup. His four strategies for architectures for scale. Partition everything ASync everywhere Automate everything Remember everything fails Around these points he very clearly showed pattens ebay have implemented and how these directly […]

QCon day 4 – Kent Beck on Effective Design

Another excellent talk in which Kent provided his latest views on how he thinks problems should be solved from the design point of view. He started by following on from his keynote, pushing that we must design with people in mind; design for the skills of your availoble developers. The talk built up to five […]

QCon day 4 – Clustered architecture patterns

Ari Zilka CTO of Terracota gave an excellent presentation on how the product works and how it can be used. I was not going to attend this session, but he was excellent on the previous sessions panel, so i was drawn to it. His view on the world of using stateful in memory data and […]