It’s all about Slack

Its the new year and I’ve not posted for  while, why? lack of slack, so after finishing the excellent book ‘Slack’ by Tom DeMarco,  I have decided to make myself and the people around me some.  The book is a must for anyone involved in running projects and it should be compulsory for anyone who […]

The God Delusion

I have always been a fan of Richard Dawkins books, they are always impeccably written and this is in my opinion his best and also more accessible than some.  I recommend it to anyone with an open mind, and will leave it there rather than comment further.

A post about Joel on Software

I have had this book for many years and often use it for referance, but over the last week i read it from cover to cover (again). It really is a great book, with good insight for software professional. The posts printed within are mainly from 2000-2002, but none the less the messages and thoughts […]


Yet another fantastic read, this book will have you looking at statistics in a whole new light. You can’t help hear or read statistics in the news without you mind running through a series of questions. Its an eye opener in terms of looking at problems and data in a new way, looking beyond the […]

The wisdom of crowds

highly recommend reading this book, It is well written in an easy to follow prose, which builds throughout its chapters on the information it wishes to divulge.  Within the book you will be greeted with many examples of why the thoughts of many are better than one and i challenge you not to put its […]

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

What a great book. I read this recently whist on holiday in cyprus and even though i have kids could not put it down; which proved difficult at bath times. It’s so well written and the story is so original you can’t help but read, I very much liked the interludes regarding the evolution of […]