It’s all about Slack

Its the new year and I’ve not posted for  while, why? lack of slack, so after finishing the excellent book ‘Slack’ by Tom DeMarco,  I have decided to make myself and the people around me some.  The book is a must for anyone involved in running projects and it should be compulsory for anyone who is involved in the running of a business.  Like many books of this type and in this case time (2000-2001, a time of downsizing)  there are cringe worthy moments; when its all a little to American focused.  But, throughout there are gems for the taking.  Rather than list them i just give one that sets the tone for the book:

‘ Slack at all levels is necessary to make the organisation work efficeintly and to grow.  It is the lubricant of change.  Good companies excel in the creative use of slack.  And bad ones con only obsess about removing it.’

Google immediately springs to mind, i would not be surprised if they had read this book

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  1. we should send this to demetri – it seems he needs to cut us a little slack….

    interesting reading. why don’t you tell me this stuff is here?

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