How do i delete SVN folders?

When deploying websites, all SVN folders should be deleted, but SVN doesn’t include any built in commands to do this. The registry hack below can do this for you – it adds “Delete SVN Folders” to the context menu for folders. When you select it, it removes all folders named .svn inside the folder and […]

How to repair a VMWare Virtual Disk on OSX

If your having an issue with your virtual disk it is worth trying the following: Open a Terminal window /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/vmware-vdiskmanager -R /Users/(USERNAME_HERE or Directory where VM installed)/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows Vista.vmwarevm/Windows Vista.vmdk If this fails with a message like ‘FILE: FileIO_Lock on ‘/Users/Shared/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows Vista.vmwarevm/Windows Vista.vmdk’ failed: Lock timed out’ then: cd /Users/(USERNAME_HERE or Directory […]

Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

Since I downloaded SuperDrive Update 2.1, whenever I restart my Mac, it still launches, telling me there are no devices requiring the firmware update. I know this, because I already updated it! What the SuperDrive update doesn’t let me know is how to stop it from opening each time I restart my Mac. Removing SuperDrive […]

Performance patch for Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft have released a patch that fixes a number of issues around the performance of Outlook 2007. Microsoft indicated that the problem stemmed from RSS feeds, email, and calendar files all being stored in the same .PSD file which as one might imagine could grow in size rather quickly depending on the user. I loaded […]