Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

Since I downloaded SuperDrive Update 2.1, whenever I restart my Mac, it still launches, telling me there are no devices requiring the firmware update. I know this, because I already updated it!

What the SuperDrive update doesn’t let me know is how to stop it from opening each time I restart my Mac.

Removing SuperDrive Update 2.1 from a Mac’s startup sequence is easy:

  1. Go to Apple > System Preferences…
  2. Under the System header, click the “Accounts” option
  3. Select the “Login Items” tab
  4. Select the SuperDrive Update 2.1 Application (so it is highlighted-not the textbox-just click on the name of the application so it is highlighted)
  5. Click the ” – ” button to delete the application from your startup sequence
  6. Close the Accounts window

original post can be found here Super Drive Not So Super

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