Tagging the world – IPhone killer application!

Sekai Camera is the killer iPhone application, just point your camera anywhere around you to have instant feedback about whatever is on your screen. Directions, reviews, messages, offers, and any tag you can imagine will appear floating in front of you, adding a graphic overlay to the world. Using the iPhone 3G, camera and the […]

Intellij Shortcuts Key List list plugin

Shaz ,on my team, came up with this as he missed the same functionality that was available in explipse. The plugin allows you to Displays the shortcuts list with ctrl+shift+K like eclipse, or through Help->shortkcutList. Press “esc” to close the popupdialogue. Shortcuts plugin Zolpidem tartrate Keppra levetiracetam Pms diclofenac sr Effects flexeril side Ciprofloxacin use […]

Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

Since I downloaded SuperDrive Update 2.1, whenever I restart my Mac, it still launches, telling me there are no devices requiring the firmware update. I know this, because I already updated it! What the SuperDrive update doesn’t let me know is how to stop it from opening each time I restart my Mac. Removing SuperDrive […]

Vista’s Long Goodbye

I am looking to purchase a new machine for home and have been investigating Vista vs OS X. I already have a MacBook at work running XP in parallels. It did not take long to find the following article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/05/15/vistas_long_goodbye_continues/ which tells of a major issue with Vista hanging the users machine when attempting to […]