Vista’s Long Goodbye

I am looking to purchase a new machine for home and have been investigating Vista vs OS X. I already have a MacBook at work running XP in parallels. It did not take long to find the following article which tells of a major issue with Vista hanging the users machine when attempting to delete. So i think an IMac with parallels and XP may be the best option.

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  1. i run vista and its fine. ofcourse you can delete files with it. it would be pretty dumbass if you couldn’t, and no, it does not take 25 minutes. 40million copies of vista in circulation since launch in january and you pick up on the few comments of people that are having trouble.

    i doubt there are 40milion new macs with OSX sold this year. anyone interested in technology would want to work with the latest software. one would have thought given the description of your job, you would be the same.

    don’t believe everything you hear from apple. for years they told us that there g4 chips were the fastest in the world and made their computers perform better than wintel rivals, and then they go and drop g4 chips and now say that the intel chips are the fastest in the world. give me a break.

    no serious commmercial organisation and no serious software development organisation will use macs. i would be amazed if your organisation ran macs in the development environment and did serious .net projects, because you can’t and no sane thiinking IT director would buy macs and install windows on them. i work for a US bank in the city and we have a vast java development team and microsft development team and we have not a single mac. i think i would get fired if i suggested we get one, or at the very least my stock would fall. :-)java guys that use eclipse run windows as it doesn’t run on mac os, and .net guys that use visual studio run windows as well.

    get a mac if you want a toy or to organise your pictures and music and videos and you want a pretty computer.

  2. Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. You make some very valid points.

    I should point out that we use Windows 2003 as our development platform for both .Net and Java. However, i have a Mac a i enjoy using OSX, I come from a Java backgroud and can do all my java developement under OSX; asider from Java SE6, but that is another story. I also rate Omnigraphel above Visio. I have parallels running and this allows me to use the excellent Office 2007 suite and run Visual Studio 2005, allowing me to run projects and review code that my team work on. I have used Vista and even had it running under parallels (it was a little memory intensive for my liking), but would not use it for my team at work (i belive it is a little early to adopt, but would be interested in further understanding your experiances). However, the article on the register does make me wary of considering Vista at home (maybe that was the point of it). Why? Well you point out that there are 40 million copies of vista in circulation, but i know of only one person using it and have concern that this is a skewed figure taking into acocunt sales to companies like Dell and licenses under Gold Partnerships; we have 100 licenses and use none. I will likley go for a mac for home running XP under parallels, and look at Vista again for my team later in the year. I also cheekly question the comment ‘no serious commmercial organisation and no serious software development organisation will use macs’, by pointing out that many developer at Google and Sun use Macs 🙂 But i agree i would not expect to see them in Banks or my own company as a development platform and especially not for .Net projects

  3. Brian assertion ‘no serious commmercial organisation and no serious software development organisation will use macs’ is plain bollox.

    Macs are universally used in the graphics industry because PC suck when it comes to large scale graphic jobs. You need twice the processing power on a PC to keep up with a Mac.

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