Deploy Java EE to Amazon EC2

Cloud Tools is a set of tools for deploying, managing and testing Java EE applications on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). There are three main parts to Cloud Tools Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are configured to run Tomcat and work with EC2Deploy. EC2Deploy – the core framework. This framework manages EC2 instances, configures MySQL, […]

Sky Travel Website

Back at the start of the year my team  launched the  Sky Travel site .  Since then it has changed  a lot and has a number of roll-outs planned to the end of the year.  Its got a great design and  some excellent  JavaScript work using JQuery.  Well worth a look if your planning a […]

Intellij Shortcuts Key List list plugin

Shaz ,on my team, came up with this as he missed the same functionality that was available in explipse. The plugin allows you to Displays the shortcuts list with ctrl+shift+K like eclipse, or through Help->shortkcutList. Press “esc” to close the popupdialogue. Shortcuts plugin Zolpidem tartrate Keppra levetiracetam Pms diclofenac sr Effects flexeril side Ciprofloxacin use […]

QCon day 3 – Keynote

I think that Eric is a good speaker and the Eclipse project is interesting,but was it worthy of a keynote slot? I say this as it ended up as more of a product pitch for Jazz, which looked good in one way, but only if you are going to base your team around it, and […]

QCon day 1 – Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

My last five conferences had been in San Francisco, so the howling winds and buckets of rain which destroyed my umbrella did not put me in the best, or driest of moods. However, i had registered for DSL with Martin Fowler, Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons, so i held hope. They did not disappoint, presenting […]

Nokia N810 with Java

At long last, after countless issue with Parcel Force i received my N810. I had been without one since selling the N800, but the wait was worthwhile. Its screen and keyboard are excellent and the battery life is as good as ever. The new interface is slick and a joy to use. My only issues […]

Incendiary Blue Open Source Java CMS

I have recently released content management system that i co-wrote. It’s a lightweight content management system that uses standard data and data structure formats to represent content structure and content. It is Java for platform independence, and utilizes tags or Java objects to incorporate content into HTML pages. It has some great feature for relational […]