QCon day 3 – Keynote

I think that Eric is a good speaker and the Eclipse project is interesting,but was it worthy of a keynote slot? I say this as it ended up as more of a product pitch for Jazz, which looked good in one way, but only if you are going to base your team around it, and i believe that there are inherent risks there; integration with eclipse scares me off. I believe its getting more to a stage where you find teams picking an ide/tools based on the problem space i.e netbeans mobile and profile tools are excellent. Therefore, opting for an integrated jazz type product ends up reducing choice.


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  1. I agree, the whole thing ended up with a product pitch and a bad one at that. Erich Gamma has a ton of experience dealing with all the issues with distributed development, different cultures, releasing components. I had the feeling there was a tonne of emotion, love, hate and ideas that has gone into making Eclipse the successful development project it is. I would love to see more of those ideas put forth to the development community, because I think we all struggle with them at some level. But to think that can be summed up in a tool… I just can’t make that leap of faith.

  2. After the evening keynote on ‘Does my bus look big in this’ i found the morning session looked even worse. It seemed that the Jazz tool was looking like the mother of all enterprise buses.

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