Is Social Networking really social?

Here are a few thoughts on social networking (mainly directed at Facebook). The Issues: Collecting friends becomes a habit The collection can become little more than an online status symbol If this happens are these people really your friends? You just opened up your world and made it ‘ privacy invasive’, you’d likely never dream […]

Link Baiting

What does that mean? Link baiting (or linkbaiting) is a buzz word in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world and has come to be the preferred method of natural link building. And in English? You need to create Linkbait. Essentially it is a piece of content placed on a web page – whether it’s an […]

The Web Platform

Presented by two of my favorite speakers Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith and they were as good as ever.  i lost my notes, but this is what i remembered without seeing the slides again. Mozilla concept series – future of the browser, the sci-fiction.  But what is really happening to the browser.  Started with Netscape […]

Oracle and Enterprise 2.0

I recently attended an Oracle seminar entitled Enterprise 2.0, I went looking to understand the direction a company such as Oracle was pursuing in this space.  However, i found the whole experience lacking.  What was wrong was the ever tenuous web 2.0, enterprise 2.0 link, which never worked, as the argument was never formed. The […]

Facebook, i just don’t see the point

I have tried and tried, but, i just can’t come to grips with facebook. The only functionality i like to use is the quick updates from my blackberry, but apart from that nothing. I find the fact that my photos are held in limbo annoying, to the point at which i won’t upload and poke, […]

Qik – Streaming video from your mobile

A new service from Qik provides you with the ability to stream video to the web from your mobile phone. It currently works on most Nokia phones and has been used to good effect by Robert Scoble at Davos and Mac World.  This obvious, but well implemented solution is a great extension to video just […]