Facebook, i just don’t see the point

I have tried and tried, but, i just can’t come to grips with facebook. The only functionality i like to use is the quick updates from my blackberry, but apart from that nothing. I find the fact that my photos are held in limbo annoying, to the point at which i won’t upload and poke, hug etc are just a joke to me, i get nothing from them. I tried some apps but most seem to be based on pyramid scheme mentality. Roll on the next incarnation.

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2 responses to “Facebook, i just don’t see the point”

  1. Completely agree, I just don’t see the attraction. To keep in touch with distant friends and family I prefer good “old-fashioned” e-mail 🙂

    I know lots of people who use Facebook as their permanent photo album too. i.e. they upload their pics from their camera, then *delete* them locally. Obviously they have no concept that Facebook a) resizes their pics to web resolution, and b) doesn’t offer any guarantees that they won’t be deleted in a few years time.

  2. Even worse is that you can’t get them or any of the contact details you have stored back; unless you do each individually. awful concept if your thinking of it as a backup. I use Jungle Disk ,it an application that lets you store files and backup data securely to Amazon.com’s S3 ™ Storage Service.

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