Bima Digital Day 2013

 The BIMA Digital Day is about making young people aware of the opportunities within Britain’s burgeoning digital industry – a sector which not only uses technology and applications beloved of youngsters but which also promises them a career which offers higher than average salaries and features working environments characterised by being that bit more relaxed than those […]

How do i delete SVN folders?

When deploying websites, all SVN folders should be deleted, but SVN doesn’t include any built in commands to do this. The registry hack below can do this for you – it adds “Delete SVN Folders” to the context menu for folders. When you select it, it removes all folders named .svn inside the folder and […]

Cookie Sniffing and Trading

What does that mean? There are networks of  companies  who create cookies on your machine and use these to track  your behaviour  across multiple websites.                         And in English? You will see ad  based content on one site based on  your activity on another and you won’t even  know it  happened.                         Who invented   it? […]

Amazon CloudFront – Replacing the content database

Amazon launch of Cloudfront, a tightly integrated content delivery service built over their S3 offering promises content delivery routed to the nearest edge location, giving optimal performance to the content user. This extension to S3 should get the content management system (CMS) providers and companies such as Akamai thinking. The service will allow the database […]