Bima Digital Day 2013

Talking at the Bima day The BIMA Digital Day is about making young people aware of the opportunities within Britain’s burgeoning digital industry – a sector which not only uses technology and applications beloved of youngsters but which also promises them a career which offers higher than average salaries and features working environments characterised by being that bit more relaxed than those of jobs in more traditional sectors. On Thursday 10th October 4,000 school children from 100 schools across the UK took part in BIMA Digital Day (or D-Day for short), an initiative created by BIMA (the British Interactive Media Association) to introduce school-age children to the possibility of embarking on a career in digital, and… Big Group was part of it! I joined forces with Big Group’s Product Development Director, Steve Shinn and Integrated Creative Director, Jonny Potter to mentor students at nearby William Morris Sixth Form in Hammersmith, joining them as they participated in their ‘D-Day’.

me teaching the kids


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