Solio – solar charger

It took me 2 days to figure out that it will not work when inside the rear window of the car. But, once i had it in direct sunlight the little red LED came on and i was filled with happiness. After a day in the sun i managed to get it to flash twice […]

Pecha Kucha

The idea behind Pecha Kucha is to keep presentations concise, the interest level up and to have many presenters sharing their ideas within the course of one night. Therefore the 20×20 Pecha Kucha format was created: each presenter is allowed a slide-show of 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds. This results in a total […]

QCon inspired Rubiks cude solving

I attended QCon a few weeks back and Gregor Hohpe of Google was the host of the Architecture track.  This ended with a panel and each had a Rubik’s cube, only Gregor got anywhere near solving it; i think he could have done it if he had any time to look at it.  Anyway, for […]

Facebook, i just don’t see the point

I have tried and tried, but, i just can’t come to grips with facebook. The only functionality i like to use is the quick updates from my blackberry, but apart from that nothing. I find the fact that my photos are held in limbo annoying, to the point at which i won’t upload and poke, […]

A day at heathrow

On Wednesday i arrived at Heathrow for my 11am flight to Amsterdam only to find it had been delayed by an hour; not noticing the other flights, i thought nothing of it. However, once i had gone though security the shear number of people told the true story. The flight was then delayed till 3pm, […]

Aborted Landing at Innsbruk Airport

oh what fun, i am not the greatest fan of flying, so an aborted landing was not the most pleasant experiance in the past week. We were only about 200 feet off the ground when the pilot decided to go to full power and point his plane at the sky (there are a number of […]