Bima Digital Day 2013

 The BIMA Digital Day is about making young people aware of the opportunities within Britain’s burgeoning digital industry – a sector which not only uses technology and applications beloved of youngsters but which also promises them a career which offers higher than average salaries and features working environments characterised by being that bit more relaxed than those […]

Subversion and branching strategies

What is Subversion Subversion is an open source application used for revision control. It is sometimes abbreviated to SVN in reference to the name of its command line interface. Subversion boasts many advanced features, such as atomic commits, versioned directories, and good support for binary file formats, fast branching and tagging. The open source Apache […]

How to Interview a Developer

First of all, the #1 criteria for getting hired: Smart, and Gets Things Done. Process Joel Spolsky is  a highly regarded software engineer and he  details how best to interview development candidates, this is an amended and augmented version of that process. see The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing Introduction Question about recent project candidate worked […]