100+ contacts, not one little wave in 5 months – Is google wave dead?

Like many others i was interested to get hold of a Google wave account.  I tried to make the most of it for months, inviting many to join and testing waves and the varied add-ons.  But, it just seems to have no present use in my life, or by the looks of it any of my friends/colleagues.  Every time I post anything, it takes ages to get a reply  (unless prompted via email!), which makes it all pretty pointless.  So what’s wrong with it?  I personally would have liked to see it integrated with Gmail and Documents from day one, just like Buzz; then i would have the choice to use it for certain types of conversation; rather than having to swap applications.

Just in case you want to keep trying see Google Waves Best Use Cases

3 thoughts on “100+ contacts, not one little wave in 5 months – Is google wave dead?

    1. Just noticed this article http://www.neowin.net/news/google-still-trying-to-find-a-use-for-wave with lots of comments, near all saying it has little to no use. Sounds like google are scrapping around trying to find one!

      The best use i found was for a requiremnets discussion, as you got the history of the converstation. Shame really as a good idea, but really needed to be part of gamil and google docs as standard and nopt standalone.

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