What if you combined the new Sony razor thin screen and RFID

Sony has developed a razor-thin display that bends like paper while showing full-color video. Sony says it has yet to decide on how to commercialize new products using the technology, but a future use may be targeted product package advertising.

Couple the flat and bendable screen with RFID and you have an aware marketing device. Of course prices to produce the screen will have to drop negligible levels, but packaging that can change dependent on the profile of the person walking past it will be sure to set marketeers thinking. Think about it for just a moment, you’ll think of a multitude of uses. Maybe you like to see the fat content of food more prominent than other details. Take it to the next stage and it may not just be the information changing, you could even find you wifes, children’s or even your mothers face looking back at you beckoning you to purchase the product. Linked it in with financial data and you could program your needs, prior to setting out for the shop and just look out for the neon highlighted item on the shelves. Once home the packages could be aware of each other and indicate to you a selection combination will make a tasty meal and even provide the recipe to create it. The combination of awareness and ability to change provide near limitless ideas for uses it will be interesting to see what happens when production costs reach a level to allow these type of ideas to be tried out.

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