HTC Touch Pro2 – The Bad Points

Thought I’d highlight the bad points of an otherwise excellent device. no D-Pad Serious lack of buttons you can’t customise the buttons Web browsing isn’t as good as IPhone No voice dialing software bundled. The HTC Touch Flo interface is really nice, but gets in the way of my email. The memory card is located […]

Mino HD Review

I got my Flip Mino HD at the end of March and have been playing with it for a little over a month. I recently took it on holiday and found it a perfect extension to my SLR when I did not have the video camera around; I found it a real moment device, as […]

WD TV HD Media Player

Ive been considering the Apple TV, PS3 and a number of other media center devices, but for now i have brought the WD TV one.  I do not really need a games machine and the Apple TV does not play all the formats i wanted.  Also this costs less than £70.  What i liked about […]

Solio – solar charger

It took me 2 days to figure out that it will not work when inside the rear window of the car. But, once i had it in direct sunlight the little red LED came on and i was filled with happiness. After a day in the sun i managed to get it to flash twice […]

Fon – Free Wifi for everyone

FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free. There vision is WiFi everywhere made possible by the members of the Community, Foneros. The idea to share some of your home Internet connection and get free access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide. There […]

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes enables users to aggregate existing data to create and share a data feed using a visual drag and drop interface. Its a great idea and when you’ve used it you may wonder why nobody has done it before.In fact they have, but just not on the web and in such a visual and […]