Mino HD Review

flipminohdI got my Flip Mino HD at the end of March and have been playing with it for a little over a month. I recently took it on holiday and found it a perfect extension to my SLR when I did not have the video camera around; I found it a real moment device, as its fast to get out and use.

Anyway, onto the device which can record an hour’s worth of 720p high definition video at 30 frames per second on its 4GBs of internal storage. It is small weighing in at only 3.3 ounces and no are cables required.

It’s extremely lightweight for its size, and feels fragile, although I’ve not dropped it yet other reviews say it can stand a drop.

The USB connection flips open via a switch on the side and you can plug it directly into a PC or Mac, but I use the cable provided through fear that I will snap it off.

The Flip Mino HD’s form-factor is only slightly thicker than my iPhone and just over half as wide (Measuring only 1.5 inches corner to corner). The lens on the front is small, but shoots well if held still. I tried it out in recording a dodgy guy eyeing up the house next door and did not get beaten up, so its small enough not to get noticed.

The viewing screen is admittedly a bit small and the speakers sit on either side of the screen are not great, but thats not really an issue, although headphone jack for monitoring the audio would be nice

There’s also a plug for the included TV composite cable adapter and a standard thread for attaching to a tripod.

The controls are really simple and you can just pick it up and go without even thinking about reading the manual,

Video Quality
The Flip Mino HD records in 720p 16:9 aspect ratio video, so it is capable of recording very highly detailed video. But only is you keep it very, very still and there is enough light, as even the slightest movements when filming can appear very jarring. However, don’t be put off as the quality outside is still really good, but a tripod inside is needed to avoid a grainy and slightly red look.

Battery Life
The battery has not let me down yet it can easily last through an hour of recording at HD quality and play back for about 45 mins to the TV.

Bundled Software
The Flip Mino HD mounts as a flash storage device on both PCs and Macs, so getting the video files off is simple. There is some standard software that launches when you plug it in, but I have a mac and it integrates well with iMovie.

Everyone who has seen the camera is impressed, there are some alternatives on the market and more are coming out. But at the moment the size, and charge and go nature of the Mino HD make it a winner. I brought mine at firebox, but its now cheaper at play.com


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