HTC Touch Pro2 – The Bad Points

Thought I’d highlight the bad points of an otherwise excellent device. no D-Pad Serious lack of buttons you can’t customise the buttons Web browsing isn’t as good as IPhone No voice dialing software bundled. The HTC Touch Flo interface is really nice, but gets in the way of my email. The memory card is located […]

Mino HD Review

I got my Flip Mino HD at the end of March and have been playing with it for a little over a month. I recently took it on holiday and found it a perfect extension to my SLR when I did not have the video camera around; I found it a real moment device, as […]

Webfaction Review

Having been with Webfaction for over a year i think it’s about time i said how good they are.  The plans are all very reasonable and have a very rich feature from static HTML, PHP and CGI to Rails, Django, Turbogears and Plone, these plans let you run any software you want. You can even […]