HTC Touch Pro2 – The Bad Points

Thought I’d highlight the bad points of an otherwise excellent device.

  • no D-Pad
  • Serious lack of buttons
  • you can’t customise the buttons
  • Web browsing isn’t as good as IPhone
  • No voice dialing software bundled.
  • The HTC Touch Flo interface is really nice, but gets in the way of my email.
  • The memory card is located underneath the casing

Read the full review from Adam at HTC Pro 2 review

7 responses to “HTC Touch Pro2 – The Bad Points”

    • Not at all, but i recommend paying with the HTC in store. I personally have a Iphone 3GS and Blackberry Curve 9600. Both of which i highly recommend, the Iphone as a personal device and the Blackberry as a work related.

  1. I have found that the Blackberry curve is a far inferior item to the HTC, as a work related device the Blackberry does have a large number of flaws compared to the better PDA’s on the market ad Blackberrys tend to be used by people of who image is important rather than substance, they tend to purchase items that they in they believe is a “must have” item but rather than a better item.

    The iPhone is a device with a lot of flaws and is more of a item for young men trying to impress their mates and young girls, once again their are PDA’s on the market which do the job better. I mean you have to be a bit sad to do web browsing over the net, but as I said young men do update social networking sites etc but no man over 30 would do this over a phone.

    So in summary unless you are under about 20 or are desperatly trying to look flash I’d go for the HTC Touch Pro2.

    Hope this helps

  2. Mark, I’ve got a technical question for you:

    In my office drawer I’ve got an orange hole punch with “ME1” tippexed on the top of it. Was this yours, or Mandy’s?

    Merry Christmas,

  3. good luck with your operation , i found nothing recent, so i am very glad it helped. I am in great shape now after only 5 months!

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