WD TV HD Media Player


Ive been considering the Apple TV, PS3 and a number of other media center devices, but for now i have brought the WD TV one.  I do not really need a games machine and the Apple TV does not play all the formats i wanted.  Also this costs less than £70.  What i liked about it was that it enables you to plug in your USB key or USB hard drive and play back multimedia from them at up to 1080p on your HDTV via the HDMI / composite outputs. Its fairly small at 1.6- x 4.9- x 3.9-inch and will be easy enough to take to friends to show off films or pictures.

Its had stacks of use over the Christmas period and even plays some format not advertised as supported such as m2ts .

I think I’ll end up with the Apple TV later on, but think the current  version is overpriced

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