Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

Focus on the power of people and today’s network opportunity.  Your customers, competitors and all the ideas and innovation is on the network.  There is very few things the browser cannot do, but its still not a great place to develop software.  however, its much bigger that any operating system.

Now we are seeing that no small system can withstand sustained contact with a larger system without being changed. This has been amplified through the move to SOA, but these principles do have complexity problems – there are many frameworks to follow.  The complexity has been addressed in part by REST which is at the heart of the new acronym WOA (Web Orientated Architecture), but there is still a way to go. In effect software architecture needs to be updated to mirror where we are now; everything is connected in the age of network singularity.  And its not the enterprise that houses the biggest systems:

‘ my website is bigger than your enterprise’  the biggest applications are no longer in the enterprise i.e Google, MySpace, Facebook, Amazon …

These are highly distributed and federated systems which often have a social architecture driving there popularity – high network effect.  They move quickly utilizing cutting edge platforms, productivity oriented development tools – Ruby –  and are experts in there ability to scale globally. An example you may not know  clickatell sms and messaging gateway up and running for you in 3-4 minutes.

So what are the design elements of Next generation web 2.0 applications:

  • 3rd party sourcing (Cloud)
  • Application
  • Distribution (Programmable web)
  • Social (Network Effect) – the market leaders have this, it’s the key part

What are the production elements around web application development 2.0

  • Peer production and crowdsourcing (open source model!)- Moving to peer production provides unprecedented  variety
  • open supply chains (programmable web) – build on the shoulders of giants
  • Social Systems
  • Assembly and Integration
  • Perpetual Beta – best products are never finished, by design
  • Users are your testers – American Express use there own customers to test.
  • Users are your support network

Also Innovations primarily coming from the on-line world:

  • cloud computing (cost and agility benefits are unparalleled, amazon 10-15 X cheaper), only one is open source Eucalyptus
  • non-relational databases
  • productivity-orientated development tools RIA Flex/AIR/Silverlight and stacks like Ruby, CakePHP, Grails and IPhone.

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