Strategic Design- The good, the bad and the ugly

Not all of a large system will be well designed and this can pull your attention in multiple directions.  The goal is to have the most important part s of the system well designed – strategic design. Take two loosely coupled systems that have grown independently, but are starting to move toward interaction.  The decision […]

Phases in a developers life

Phases in a developers life Enthusiastic –  build programs for real people – but its boring and uncool The disillusioned developer – you figure real people have boring problems Build generic solutions there cool, become an enthusiastic architect – build the generic thing machine But that takes loads of time and everyone else is still […]

The evolving architecture

What were the challenges faced and how they were overcome. Digital History 1995 – web site launched with a simple portal – experimental project 2006 – Europe largest online newspaper site 2007 – aim to be the worlds leading liberal voice But by 2007 had outgrown there existing vingnette architecture. So entered a 18month re-design. […]

Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

Focus on the power of people and today’s network opportunity.  Your customers, competitors and all the ideas and innovation is on the network.  There is very few things the browser cannot do, but its still not a great place to develop software.  however, its much bigger that any operating system. Now we are seeing that […]

Cloud Data Persistence

is this a renaissance for the database? today we have new problems and new challenges, but the computing power we now have provides alternatives.  This in turn is changing the approaches that are being taken. the following provides examples of the alternatives in the cloud database area. Physical limitations and computation complexity are driving implementations […]

Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA)

WOA is an emergent phenomenon across Start-ups and the Enterprise. Top level history of development: Structured Object Oriented Service Oriented – turn applications into open platforms SOAP, WSDL etc Web Oriented – address the failings in service oriented inability to deal with legal, technical, security and other business issues.  REST SOAP is stable or shrinking, […]

The Web Platform

Presented by two of my favorite speakers Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith and they were as good as ever.  i lost my notes, but this is what i remembered without seeing the slides again. Mozilla concept series – future of the browser, the sci-fiction.  But what is really happening to the browser.  Started with Netscape […]

Cloud Computing – Why is it so good for business?

From a financial perspective, Cloud Computing pushes risks onto the people that own the assets.  The business in effect rent a particular set of assets, based on their usage. For the business this  transforms IT capex into opex. From a development perspective, Cloud Computing  enables you to potentially roll out your solution in minutes or […]

Webfaction Review

Having been with Webfaction for over a year i think it’s about time i said how good they are.  The plans are all very reasonable and have a very rich feature from static HTML, PHP and CGI to Rails, Django, Turbogears and Plone, these plans let you run any software you want. You can even […]