Site Go-live Checklist

Complied this to help the Project Managers at work.

Copy Checkschecklist

Check your spelling

Be sure you check for widows or orphaned items in important paragraphs too.

Check your tone of voice

Ensure this is consistent across all your pages

Check your details

Check all phone numbers you have been supplied. Do they work?

Check through any ‘hidden’ copy on site

Look at ALT text and ensure it is descriptive and not just ‘XXX’

Make sure you are not going live with any test copy on your site

Search for Lorem Ipsum


Check your keywords

Ensure you have your meta description in place, and that any keywords are suitable for the site.

Check your titles

Do you pages have relevant and descriptive title tags, and are your page names suitably descriptive.

Check your URL structure

Make sure google likes them!

Check you have a sitemap.

Generate an XML sitemap and submit it to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Automate this!

Site Functions

Does everything work?

Don’t go live without checking it. Often you will have moved a site from a staging to production server this may have upset your file structure. An API which relies on the address of a staging server to work and will need altering

Check your search facility

Check your search facility if you have one and make sure that is pulling in results. Also check for dead links across the site.

Check all browser variations

Check all browser variations that you promised to support in the technical specification, all screen resolutions and ensure that your site degrades gracefully without the support of Javascript and Flash.

Standards and Validation

Check your HTML, CSS, Accessibility and your Javascript.

Don’t forget to set up a print style for your site.

Make sure that the page will print correctly by printing each template out!



Ensure you have your site files backed up, ensure that you are backing up any databases on the website that may contain important customer data.  Check your form fields against SQL injections, and test any anti-spam functions you have in place to prevent spam bots.

Protect any sensitive pages

Protect any sensitive pages or folders from being indexed on search engines by putting in place robots.txt files.


Don’t just test on your machine

Test from a web cafe or coffee shop and on a 3G phone and Ipad not just your desktop attached to a 100mb line.

Check you have caching enabled if appropriate.

Make sure pages are pre-compiled and the server is setup to cache pages where appropriate.

Minify your Javascript and CSS files

obfuscate and make them small



Check that this is set to automatically refresh from the time stamp on the server, and that the copyright owner stated is correct.

Terms and Conditions

Are they there, have they been signed-off are they correct

Privacy Policies

If the site uses cookies, capture data, or distribute data, then you need one.

Company Registered Information

If the site is for a registered company then you must display on your website the registered company name, number, and address.

Add icons and error pages

Add your favicon

Do you need one for mobile devices such as iPhones?

Create 404 pages

Make sure they work, are user friendly,helpful and degrade gracefully

303 Redirects

Is this a replacement for an old site, its likely these are needed and need to be setup and tested.


Make sure it is setup and is tested and working.  Test each day in the week the site went live to ensure data is being captured as expected.

Schedule any weekly reports that might need sending to your clients, and also set up any statistical alerts you might need to notify you of any spikes in traffic that might signify malicious activity.


Are all the relevant licenses CMS (Content Management Systems), fonts and images purchased.

this is shortened, modified and added to version of BoagWorld Article

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