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  • Lean UX Running Workshops and getting results

    Lean UX Running Workshops and getting results User Experience, Design and Software Development rarely get along. Design wants to create gorgeous looking portfolio pieces, User Experience wants the pathways through the system to be crystal clear for its users, and Developers either want to shoehorn a solution into a CMS or toolkit they already have,…

  • Are you having Issues with project managers?

    Project managers are responsible for projects success, regardless of the obstacles. Often, most of the problems described above are due to skill deficiencies in the project manager. You likely need a process, a better policed process, training for your project managers or a few new ones!

  • Site Go-live Checklist

    When that sites about to go-live you had better do some checks. Here is a list to help you out.

  • HTML 5 vs Apps (and flash)

    I have had a few questions on this recently, so thought i would summarise the answers i gave her. Q. What are the advantages of apps and why would i want to use HTML 5 Native apps such as those deployed to a handset i.e IPhone have the following potential advantages: The can be feature rich and utilize phone…

  • Subversion and branching strategies

    What is Subversion Subversion is an open source application used for revision control. It is sometimes abbreviated to SVN in reference to the name of its command line interface. Subversion boasts many advanced features, such as atomic commits, versioned directories, and good support for binary file formats, fast branching and tagging. The open source Apache…

  • How to Interview a Developer

    First of all, the #1 criteria for getting hired: Smart, and Gets Things Done. Process Joel Spolsky is  a highly regarded software engineer and he  details how best to interview development candidates, this is an amended and augmented version of that process. see The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing Introduction Question about recent project candidate worked…

  • Balsamiq – Wireframes and mockups tool

    A great tool for creating fast site and other device mock ups.

  • Why are Web Applications Superior to their Desktop counterparts?

    No need for an install or to ship updates The application lives in the cloud and is centrally managed, when you launch the application you will always have the latest version. This leads to a single point for updates and fixes with the user receiving the updated version the next time they use the application.…

  • Accessibility and Flash – Make sure you add a HTML version of the Site

    Here are some of the usability and data accessibility issues with Flash. You can’t select, copy, or paste any text. Your browser’s font override features won’t work, so you can’t adjust the font or its size to be more readable. Your browser’s built-in in-page search won’t work you can’t use the keyboard to scroll through…

  • Flash IE6 and SSL Issues

    Flash or data within flash not loading in IE6? Just change the following headers in code