Are you having Issues with project managers?

Have you got an issue with your project management?  Answer yes or no to the following list:

  • Are your projects regularly over budget?
  • Are your projects delivered to the agreed deadline?
  • Do your projects suffer from scope creep?
  • Are their multiple errors in your project when it goes live?
  • Do your staff work lots of overtime?
  • Can the project manager(s) clearly tell you the project status at any time I.e time left, budget left, issues
  • Do you find the project manager(s) constantly reacting to project issues rather than proactively managing potential risks?
  • Are others consistently blamed when issues are identified?

Do you find yourself answering yes to many of the above?

Project managers are responsible for  projects success, regardless of the obstacles. Often, most of the problems described above are due to skill deficiencies in the project manager.  You likely need a process, a better policed process, training for your project managers or a few new ones!

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