The Science of Computing and the Engineering of Software

Is computing science?  is software engineering? the answers Tony Hoare argues must be the same! In the extremes: Scientist Scientist interested in the long term and scientific truth which has no finite lifetime. Idealism, general theories and certainty (theory supported by multiple items of evidence) separate of work into individual elements which can be formulized […]

Edit your host file OSX

1. Open up your terminal application 2. Type in “sudo pico /etc/hosts” 3. Type in your administration password 4. Use your arrow keys to maneuver the cursor and type in whatever entries you are wanting to put in your hosts file 5. Once you are done, hit Control-o 6. and then hit Control-x

GIT – Version Control

I am currently looking into GIT, I have previously used CVS and our current repository of choice is Subversion.  view a Comparison against Subversion. Git is… Git is an open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Every Git clone is a full-fledged […]

Deploy Java EE to Amazon EC2

Cloud Tools is a set of tools for deploying, managing and testing Java EE applications on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). There are three main parts to Cloud Tools Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are configured to run Tomcat and work with EC2Deploy. EC2Deploy – the core framework. This framework manages EC2 instances, configures MySQL, […]

Qu-s desktop notes

Qu-s is a simple desktop organistation tool which allows you to keeps what you need at your finger tips but out of your way! It has some great features usually reserved for word processing applications which allow you to bring better  bring organization to your ideas and your notes. Features include: bullet, check boxes and […]

World of Goo – Game review

This has to be my favourite game on the the Wii and i got it from  WiiWare.  It’s produced by a small team and is proof that you do not need millions  to create a compelling game. There are more than four worlds, each housing  unique stages and varying objectives around using the  strengths and […]

iLife 09, IPhoto Review

I have had iLife 09 for 5 days.  I’ve been using IPhoto and the new features are well integrated and the faces technology is very impressive.  I started testing by uploading to  flickr, facebook and the mobileme gallery, all worked first time and the process was (as you would expect) very simple.   I had downloaded […]

WD TV HD Media Player

Ive been considering the Apple TV, PS3 and a number of other media center devices, but for now i have brought the WD TV one.  I do not really need a games machine and the Apple TV does not play all the formats i wanted.  Also this costs less than £70.  What i liked about […]

Cloud Computing – Why is it so good for business?

From a financial perspective, Cloud Computing pushes risks onto the people that own the assets.  The business in effect rent a particular set of assets, based on their usage. For the business this  transforms IT capex into opex. From a development perspective, Cloud Computing  enables you to potentially roll out your solution in minutes or […]