QCon day 3 – computing in the cloud panel discussion

Without a doubt the highlight of the day so far. The panel of the days presenters covered the whole spectrum of cloud computing from current position to future issues. I have five pages of notes from this so not one for my N810 or my thumbs will go dead. The key points of interest to me where the fact that the cloud is almost a renewal of some old technology ideas that did not quite make it, mixed in with standard tried and tested ideas and innovative pricing. If there was or will be a key issue it has to be Security (trust), i think it would only take one major security breach (loss or steal of data) and it could take down a company; many will have to base themselves firmly around trust so one to watch.

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  1. Classic. I must say on day one i kept looking and thought. Is Martin wearing leather. But, if your both that clever and travelling it makes perfect sense; i’d galdly give up fasion sense to be that briliant.

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