Incendiary Blue Open Source Java CMS

I have recently released content management system that i co-wrote. It’s a lightweight content management system that uses standard data and data structure formats to represent content structure and content. It is Java for platform independence, and utilizes tags or Java objects to incorporate content into HTML pages. It has some great feature for relational […]

Project Launch – Mazda 2

My team have just launched a site to show off the new Mazda2 . Its written in .Net 2.0 feeding in XML content to a Flash video and integrated into a Sieble Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system across 21 countries.

RSS and Readers

which RSS feeds do i read. I subscribe to and read many different sites via the newsgator reader.  However the feeds themselves change quite often, as its pretty easy to add a new feed by selection the little RSS (orange logo) on most content based sites.  You can find my OPML file ( which you […]

Issue With SuperDrive Update 2.1

Since I downloaded SuperDrive Update 2.1, whenever I restart my Mac, it still launches, telling me there are no devices requiring the firmware update. I know this, because I already updated it! What the SuperDrive update doesn’t let me know is how to stop it from opening each time I restart my Mac. Removing SuperDrive […]

Google Mapplets

Google Mapplets are mini-applications that you can embed within the Google Maps site. Examples include real estate search, current weather conditions, and distance measurement. Mapplets are Google Gadgets that can manipulate the map using Javascript calls that are derived from the Google Maps API

Safari on windows, why now?

On June 12th Apple announced the release of Safari for Windows, in 2 days it had 1 million downloads. But why was it released at all. Allegedly Safari have near 5% of the browser market, not bad considering to date it only runs on a mac. So it could be they viewed the success of […]

Free collaborative on-line mind mapping

Mind 42 have just released a free on-line mind mapping tool, The sign-up is fast and you’ll be mapping in no-time.   It’s easy to use, offering some basic functions, but more are on the way.  A great feature is the ability to collaborate by sharing your maps, coupled with other tools like basecamp (for project […]

Performance patch for Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft have released a patch that fixes a number of issues around the performance of Outlook 2007. Microsoft indicated that the problem stemmed from RSS feeds, email, and calendar files all being stored in the same .PSD file which as one might imagine could grow in size rather quickly depending on the user. I loaded […]