Sky Travel Site Launched

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I am happy to announce that my team have just launched the new Sky Travel site . It is a complete re-development form the ground up and integrates with multiple providers to provide a breath of produc... Read More

Nokia N810 with Java

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At long last, after countless issue with Parcel Force i received my N810. I had been without one since selling the N800, but the wait was worthwhile. Its screen and keyboard are excellent and the batt... Read More

It’s all about Slack

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Its the new year and I’ve not posted for  while, why? lack of slack, so after finishing the excellent book ‘Slack’ by Tom DeMarco,  I have decided to make myself and the people aro... Read More

The God Delusion

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I have always been a fan of Richard Dawkins books, they are always impeccably written and this is in my opinion his best and also more accessible than some.  I recommend it to anyone with an open min... Read More

Google Android

Withe the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance Google entered the mobile phone market. not with a phone as many had expected, but with an open source mobile operating system called Android. Andro... Read More

Google and Open Social

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The success of Facebook looks to have ruffled a few feathers at Google and they have recently launch OpenSocial. this is a set of three common APIs, that will allow developers to access core functions... Read More