How good is your software team?

Twice in the last week I have used a quick test to determine how well a team is coding and delivering projects. The test comes from Joel on Software and outlines twelve points to which you provide a yes or no answer: Do you use source control? Can you make a build in one step? […]

Project Launch – Mazda CX-7

My team have just launched site to advertise the new Mazda CX-7 . Its written in .Net and has an Dynamic interface utilizing Ajax techniques. Its currently deployed in English and German, new languages will be added in the coming weeks.

Vista’s Long Goodbye

I am looking to purchase a new machine for home and have been investigating Vista vs OS X. I already have a MacBook at work running XP in parallels. It did not take long to find the following article which tells of a major issue with Vista hanging the users machine when attempting to […]

A post about Joel on Software

I have had this book for many years and often use it for referance, but over the last week i read it from cover to cover (again). It really is a great book, with good insight for software professional. The posts printed within are mainly from 2000-2002, but none the less the messages and thoughts […]

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes enables users to aggregate existing data to create and share a data feed using a visual drag and drop interface. Its a great idea and when you’ve used it you may wonder why nobody has done it before.In fact they have, but just not on the web and in such a visual and […]

Describing web 2.0

to paraphrase former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who wrote that he couldn’t describe pornography but knew it when he saw it, it may not be possible to fully describe Web 2.0, but you will know it when you see it. see Web 2.0 and New Approaches to Software for full article.

A day at heathrow

On Wednesday i arrived at Heathrow for my 11am flight to Amsterdam only to find it had been delayed by an hour; not noticing the other flights, i thought nothing of it. However, once i had gone though security the shear number of people told the true story. The flight was then delayed till 3pm, […]

web 2.0 – a view from May 2006

I wrote this in May whilst attending Java One in san francisco. I should have posted it then, its interesting to see i was not to far out with my thoughts. Hurrah for web 2.0. At last we have a flag we can follow to the next level of experience across the web. It is […]