web 2.0 – a view from May 2006

I wrote this in May whilst attending Java One in san francisco. I should have posted it then, its interesting to see i was not to far out with my thoughts. Hurrah for web 2.0. At last we have a flag we can follow to the next level of experience across the web. It is […]

The great AJAX tools race

The update of Ajax continues with more and more companies offering tool and support.  Last week it was IBM’s turn to roll out new enhancements to the Eclipse Foundations Ajax Technology Framework (ATF) and also unveil a new on-line resource centre.  Support coming form all the large corporations definitely help the developers, but, the tools […]


Yet another fantastic read, this book will have you looking at statistics in a whole new light. You can’t help hear or read statistics in the news without you mind running through a series of questions. Its an eye opener in terms of looking at problems and data in a new way, looking beyond the […]


A client asked me about .mobi, so here is a brief introduction. The .mobi is a top-level domain and was first introduced in 2005; however it has only recently been available for registration. It has been sponsored by companies including Google, Microsoft, Nokia and a number of other phone manufacturers. Its intended use is for […]

The wisdom of crowds

highly recommend reading this book, It is well written in an easy to follow prose, which builds throughout its chapters on the information it wishes to divulge.  Within the book you will be greeted with many examples of why the thoughts of many are better than one and i challenge you not to put its […]

Aborted Landing at Innsbruk Airport

oh what fun, i am not the greatest fan of flying, so an aborted landing was not the most pleasant experiance in the past week. We were only about 200 feet off the ground when the pilot decided to go to full power and point his plane at the sky (there are a number of […]

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

What a great book. I read this recently whist on holiday in cyprus and even though i have kids could not put it down; which proved difficult at bath times. It’s so well written and the story is so original you can’t help but read, I very much liked the interludes regarding the evolution of […]